The Fallen Skies

A Review and some Tales

Having survived their encounters with goblins,lycanthropes and brigands, Tolan, Cirindall, Nivek and Zandfere returned to civilization, collecting their rewards from the Factor of Harm. Travelling to Saxenford, they spent a few days relaxing, shopping, and enjoying some peace and quiet. Finally, they decided to act upon the information given to them by the priest in Fuilache, to pursue knowledge of hidden shrines to the Unsainted and to track down the vile dwarf kidnapper, Ulforrs Brighteyes.
A quick journey to Lokri and a meeting with Canon Camifray of the Chapel there resulted in a new objective. Camifray is reputed to be an expert on the Unsainted and other heresies of the Church, although he feels his knowledge pales in comparison to that of Brother Nails of Grammercy. Camifray related how he apprenticed with a Sky Tyrant map-maker and scholar before the Fall, and how this Cartographer had maps and lore related to the Unsainted in Norlandia, which was stored in a secret library at a Hunting Reserve, which Camifray believes is located in the hills east of Saxenford, above the ruined villages of Galewick.
Leaving Camifray with a strange artifact to study, our heroes rode back through Saxenford and took the trail to Arrayn, with the intention to cross the River Flay and follow it to the confluence with the Gale River, then follow the Gale to the ruins of Galewick and then find the tributary leading to a waterfall beside which the Sky Tyrants had built a hunting lodge. Even then, this sounded easier than it would be.
At the ferry over the Flay, near the ruined town of Flaybridge, they stumbled upon a crow-man plot to steal the ferry. Tracking these creatures, known as kenku and probably descendants of prey released by the Sky Tyrants, to their lair in ruined Flaybridge, our heroes wreaked bloody vengeance upon them.
Continuing their journey, they encountered a young elf named Luthan who begged a boon of Cirindall, the Eladrin of the Autumn Court. Luthan and his tribe had lately been plagued by a vile owl bear and had been driven from their refuge. Luthan had sought the aid of various mercenaries and adventuring types, but they had met defeat. Now he begged for aid from the Eladrin Cirindall, a plea that resonated with Cirindall’s ancestral title of Seneschal of the Autumn Court.
The Owl Bear proved to be a vicious, wild creature. Cirindall had a brief encounter with a gnomish woman, stranded from the Feywild, who was hiding in a tree. What was worse, a band of thieving kenku and their pet cockatrice lurked nearby to salvage and scavenge off the fallen. The magic of Tolan, and the martial prowess of Cirindall, Nivek and Zandfere soon brought these villains to justice.

Luthan’s Tale

I am the eldest of my tribe and I have only seen 22 summers. I apologize for misleading you but we have learned that we cannot trust everyone we meet. My grandmother told me tales of when my people were kings over this land, before the Kornish men came. Then we served the Autumn Court before the Sky Tyrants came. Then we were slaves before the Fall. After this we were free with only our parents’ parents to teach us. We hid in the wilds and stayed alive.
Last year, the Half-Elven came and talked of reclaiming our places as kings of this land. Ashamed I am that my elders listened and aided Tethyrian Vor. Our greed and ambition blinded us to her evil. The dwarf with the violet eyes came at her side, and in one night of blood slew our tribe. I fled with the youngest and we have for the last six months hid in the vale where the owl bear recently laired. There are 15 of us, and you have shown me bravery and valiance in battle. You have shown me honour and I will lead my tribe out of the wilds— we will go to the Autumn Court and seek refuge there, outcasts no more.

Offa’s Tale

I’m Offa, daughter of Ferrath, arcanist of Ebayan’s Tower. I was traveling to Mithrendain when I “sensed” a gate in the veil open nearby. I was curious since no gates in the veil in these parts..err, in those parts, had been open for nearly 20 years. I could not help myself and went to examine it, leaving my traveling companions behind. It was small, surrounded by feystool mushrooms— a natural opening in the veil! Not one made by intellect or art! Really quite astounding. As I probed it, I must have come to close and I found myself here…and already I knew the gate was ill. Before I could turn to return, that…that…owl bear charged me. I threw what little defense magic I could at it and then ran for my life… I ended up in that tree for three days…watching it circle the vale and then coming to shriek at me. In those three days, I could see the decay and death grow from the gate… not right, not natural…
Come, I’ll show you the gate! Wait. It was here. It is gone… no, sense of the Feywild here anywhere. THERE! See that mound…of bones…that is where it was.
Now—how do I get home?



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