The Fallen Skies

In Desriador

Having traveled by magic portal from the keep in the Chertwall, the party find themselves in the Dragonborn ruled city of Desriador.
Tolan, after using an arcane ritual to gather information and intelligence on Desriador, led the party to an inn called the Thorny Crown in the neighborhood called the Gardens. He spent a good ten minutes at the door to the inn, making eye contact with all present, before finally giving the all-clear and entering. Rooms were procured quickly. The Thorny Crown is managed by a husband and wife team and is quiet and slightly upscale. The patrons tend to be merchants who deal in linens, cloth and other fine goods for sale in the market of the Gardens. They were able to provide Tolan, for a small extra cost, with access to a basement workshop.
The undercity of Desriador is comprised of 5 neighborhoods. The Wet is an area that was once a lake- it is now a maze of homes and workshops for craftsmen employed by the Seven Clans above. The streets of the Wet are generally flooded most of the time, and the further one goes west into the ruins, the deeper and colder the water gets.
The Gardens were once the parks and gardens kept by the rulers of Sochester. Now sunlight filters down through cleared rubble from the plaza above. The Gardens are connected to the surface by the main thoroughfare out of the undercity, past a strong Dragonborn fortification.
Between the Gardens and the Wet lies the neighborhood called the Warrens. The ruins of the Sky Keep intermingled with the houses and buildings of Sochester have become inhabited again by those who sheltered here under the Dragonborns’ protection. Many who dwell here will make the daily trek through the Gardens to work on the fields or plantations maintained by Desriador outside the city. Some will clamber up one of the 4 great Stairs through the Sky Keep into the Towers of Desriador where they work as servants or agents of the Seven Clans.
North of the Warrens is the Pit. The Dragonborn clans maintain fighting pits on the surface here, and the underworld of the Warrens has moved gradually into the ruins below the Pits. They are said to service the fighting pits above as well as relay certain merchandise that would not be permitted transit under the watchful eye of the Clans. Many goblins, minotaurs and other non-human troops of the old Sky Tyrants have taken up residence in this area as they were pushed out of the Warrens.
The last neighborhood in the undercity is simply called the Holes. This is a slum and dark prison beyond the Pit, where those with no hope or employment may find themselves lost.



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