The Fallen Skies

Journal 2, Entry 2

Return from the Wild, Anatomy of a Shifter

Cirindall has returned.
There was another ripple in the veil and he appeared in the courtyard of the Inn, weary and slightly confused.
Apparent he was dragged fully into the realm of the feywild and from there into the Shadowfell, and then here. In one step he has traveled across two realms and leagues! Mere hours seem to have passed for him, yet he has been gone for days.
He received some sort of warning of danger from the Shadowfell, mention of an ancient race of giants called the Formorians, and he mentioned beast-lords whose descriptions seem to match those we found in the ruins in the Aching Forest.
I’m troubled by this – when the Sky Tyrants fell the veil between our realm and the outer worlds was sealed to prevent the Tyrants return. We’ve seen incursions by the Fell Taints, the Xiovart shadow-shapers and now Cirindall’s mad journey.
I’m concerned the relic I carry in my pack might be part of this weakening – it’s said there were 99 Instrumentalities, what if this one was not the only one activated – could they be weakening the veil?
Something to research when we return to civilization. For no we have to get food & drink into Cirindall and explain the situation.

Oh – this Inn – it’s an old Tyrant way-station that’s been converted. The back half burnt down years ago and is just piles up against the rear “wall”. It sort of looks like a someone built an Inn into a Hillside.

Shifters are interesting – their internal organs, even their muscles seem to transform to accommodate their form. The bones look like they stretch, break and almost instantly heal when they semble. All the organs are fresh, and frankly look like those one finds in calves and kids – fresh and pink. I would imagine that their life-span could be incredibly long.



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