The Fallen Skies

Journal 2 Entry 3

Goblins, Innkeepers

Some of the Earls Scouts have happened by to report that a large war-band of goblins is massing in the area – the bulk of the tribe is likely moving elsewhere, but they send off raiding parties.

With out luck they will be coming here. We’re better off defending this place, as we can’t get to any other shelter before nightfall. Did I not say earlier that I wish we’d just gone to Saxonford.

With any luck though we’ll be able to kill a few of the evil, murderous little fiends.
Spent some time searching & securing the Inn – discovered the Innkeeper & family held prisoner in the cellar. Unfortunately they’re now about to be attacked by Goblins.
They help us secure the windows and doors, then hole up in the kitchen while we put up some makeshift defenses outside. It’s hard to plan when we don’t know where they will come from, and when they can see in the dark and we can’t.

The hardest part is the waiting for nightfall, so we cut stakes, make torches and prep a huge bonfire.
What a brutal fight – goblins on wolves with axes, foot soldiers running everywhere, javelins being hurled out of the darkness. Even with our torchlight it was hard to see hit them in the shadows. I managed to escape wounding, but Cirindall and Nivek are both quite battered by the assault, as is Hengest.
It was exhilarating & terrifying all at once, and it’s not over.Some escaped, and we can hear them out there in the darkness, hooting & screaming, massing for another attack. Hengest has gone to check on Xandfere, and see if he’s recovered enough to join us. Then I must rest & prepare my spells for the next wave.



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