The Fallen Skies

Lil' Jo's Story

Li’l Jo relates some of his story and shares as much about Cabal Tor’s actions as he can. He is grateful for not being murdered and for being brought to the enchanted sanctuary where his wounds begin to heal rapidly. By morning he is able to walk, and he offers to accompany you all on your further foray into the tunnels, for a small wage or share in treasure, or he is more than happy to climb to the surface and await you all there. He would appreciate the company on the hike back to civilization…
Lil jo

I was working at Eldon’s camp with Cabal, Wonda, Virgil, Thorgist, and the Caldur brothers. It was ok work, but hard, and Eldon was in no hurry to pay us out rich. Me and Virgil came down from northwest of here. Our folk were veterans of the Sky Tyrant’s Bluesteel Legion, and our folk stood against the giants and the Woden-hounds when the fall came— we grew up in the Legion fort and did our time for Captain Asmor— but Virg’ had a problem with a girl, so we traveled. We never took to the brigand trail like a lot of others did, but we stood up when pushed…you know how it goes. We fell in with Thorgist a while back out west at Ailsbury and Thorgist suggested we come east to Saxenford where he had kinfolk. We saw lots of folk settling and farming and Virg’ and I decided to get some coin so we could buy a farm, legal like and protected.
The three of us been working for Eldon best part of the season, that was where we met Cabal Tor. He was full of stories that one, and scary to boot. He was from north of the great forest and claimed to have been a Red Fist hunting the elf-folk for the Directorate before the Fall. I don’t know as I believe him as he’s not that old, but he’s got the right kind of cruel for that. He told us about the raiding his gang did out west, hitting the settlers and what-not. I said to Virg’ that men like Cabal Tor were why we needed the coin to buy in a legit farm with a lord or militia, not to set out on our own. The women at the camp sure liked Cabal, though, and he took up with Wonda the cook pretty quick.
We all decided to come here when the brothers, Morphy and Jerrol, came into camp with the silver and jewel plates they’d found. Digging up silver from an old ruin seemed like easier work than chopping timber for ol’drunk Eldon, and with enough of us going, it didn’t seem like too much danger. Hunh…laugh now, I guess.
We set up our camp, as you found, and didn’t have too much trouble at first. Some wolves came prowling by but we showed ‘em off. Morphy and his brother had already done some scouting around and warned us off crumbled court. While some of us started digging into the hole they’d found near the statues, a few of the lads from down south went mucking into the ruins in the swamp. They lost a lad to a great water lizard; don’t recall his name. They also said they’d seen things moving in the woods over that way… elf ghosts or goblins or what have you. Whatever they were, they didn’t trouble us and we stayed on our side of the river.
The hag hole was a shock, but Morphy and Jerrol said that if we stayed away we’d be good. Was it Gantnor or Eirena who said they saw the hag down there, don’t remember…but, aye, just like in the tales, an old, withered witch woman. They said they weren’t spotted and we waited for the hag to come grab our souls but she didn’t and we kept digging until we got into the old rooms. We didn’t get far before those little blue bastards cut into us. Jerrol and Morphy went down first, netted and gutted while the rest of us were fumbling with our gear. I can still hear their screams as those little bastards dragged ‘em away and butchered them. I ended up with Virgil and Cabal Tor down that passage where you found me. We ran into more of them at the orange pool, and once I went down, Virg’ said he’d hold the hall while Cabal dragged me out to safety. Bastard, tucked me into that dead end and took off. Said he’d get help. Said he had something to offer the hag, like in the stories,… knew he’d found something he wasn’t sharing. I was bad, poison in my veins, but I held out and I saw your lights… Don’t know what happened to the others… you all say they’re dead, eh? Should have stayed to tree chopping…
Cabal Tor, he was full of talk. He was curious about Asmor’s Hold but he talked more about joining his friends in the Uldthain Hills or checking out stories of the Unseen Queen… all places that would offer refuge to a murdering bandit like him, I suppose. He did talk about his old gang and how they ran afoul of the Silent Men…(here Li’l Jo gazes at Xandfere for a moment before continuing) and how he’s going to avoid mad dwarven types as long he lives…and he said that is why he ain’t never going to Grammercy.
That’s about all I know…



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