The Fallen Skies

The Library has been Taken

The brave heroes have fought their way past nasty traps and vile monsters to gain access to the hidden library of Eth’yk Zakfaern, located within a Sky Tyrant hunting retreat in the hills to the east of Saxenford.
The gravest threat faced was a terrifying undead beholder! After defeating this monstrosity, the party chased the southron necromancer, Tethyrian Vor, down through a strange elevator room the hidden library deep, deep within the earth.
The battle with Tethyrian and her undead minions was long, as the heroes were exhausted and short on resources. Any mis-step was likely to lead to death and total defeat. Luckily, their superior numbers and command of martial, arcane and psionic skills over-whelmed the necromancer and she fell. Even in death, she attempted to pass her spirit on to continue the battle in the hollow shells of her two Dreadguard Warriors. Sadly, for the forces of evil and darkness, these two also fell before the onslaught of the heroes.
In the library, they were able to recover many lost books and scrolls; knowledge and writing that dated back to the early eras of the Cathmerean Empire. Other works were stolen from far off Morrigain. And of course, the rare gem was also found— scholarly works written by the learned of the Sky Tyrants themselves. This was verily a treasure trove for scholars and sages!
Amongst the lore recovered:
The Diary of Tethyrian Vor
On the Keeping, Training and Dominating of Dragons: Only half a dozen ripped and torn pages were found of this tome, all seeming to be connected to the controlling of dragons upon waking…
A Manual of Planes: a tome again written in the language of the Sky Tyrants
The Lineage of Lor’hazak: A Cathmerean tome listing the crimes of Unsainted heretics in the Norlandian domains of the Cathmerean empire, including locations of secret temples destroyed by the Imperial forces.



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