The Twenty-First Directorate:

This was the Githyanki directorate that had been charged with the subjugation of Egorian and beyond that of the Eladrin of Morrigain. As resistance to the Sky Tyrants grew, the agents of the Twenty-First Directorate gathered more power and influence, eventually taking over all operations against the Eladrin resistance within any of the twenty-seven directorates. The Director, known to his foes as Foulmaster Bloodoak, is rumored to have vanished before the Sky Keeps fell, and further rumor holds that the Twenty-First Directorate is still active; its former ally/auxilliaries, the Blood Cross Knights or Rogenkruz, are still active in many lands. The sigil of the Twenty-first Directorate was a shattered chain wrapped about a broken dagger crossed with two arrows, opposed.

The Rogenkruz:

Auxilliary soldiers, spies and mages who served the Sky Tyrants in the wars against Egorian and Morrigain. Mainly recruited from the human lands north of Old Cathmere, they became efficient in tracking down and killing agents of Morrigain. The Rogenkruz are still active in many lands, though no longer serving the Sky Tyrants. They play upon the fears many humans still hold of the Fey. The sigil of the Rogenkruz is a blood red cross upon a white field.

The Green Shields

A mercenary band which gained fame and notoriety from their defense of the Kantish Dukes during the Giant War and subsequent conflicts with Wodden-hounds and others. The Green Shields were trained, recruited and led by Colder durNarvik, an immigrant from Kolnish lands who proved to be an inspired and inspiring general. Many songs have been sung and tales told of the heroics of Colder durNarvik and his Green Shields, such as “The Siege of Castle Tallodairn” and “The Duel Beneath the Hanging Rock of Dundarive”. Word from the east is that the Green Shields have retired to enjoy their well-earned rewards, but those youngsters who learned at the side of Colder durNarvik can now be found plying their trade far and wide.

The Church of the Holy Seer

The Church of the One God was united by the vision of the Holy Seer over a thousand years ago, and the prayers and hopes of generations have been guided towards achieving the Vision of the Seer. During the reign of the Sky Tyrants, the Church continued to tend to the spiritual needs of the people, providing healing, learning and to some extent leadership against the Tyranny. After the Fall of the Sky Tyrants, the Church of the Holy Seer was proclaimed and supported by King Valerian I of Fenris. Many Vicars of the Church within the lands swearing allegiance to the Wolf Crown, and many Vicars of other lands, met in the ruins of Hebriador and signed the Letters of Trust with King Valerian, establishing the True Vision of the Seer and the Words of the Saints. Those who cleave to the Words of the True Vision look upon all other interpretations and rules as heresy. The Church of the Holy Seer is headquartered on the isle of Vambrasse in Lake Orlionne in the south of Fenris. A Conclave of twenty five Vicars, elected by the King of Fenris, has been convened to conduct the affairs of the Church, and they have taken the vestments of the Holy Seer from Hebriador to Vambrasse. The symbol of the Church of the Holy Seer is a Golden Circle, unbroken and unblemished.

The Holy Church of the One God

Over the past seven years, many churchmen and vicars of the Norlandia realms have agreed to set aside the differences of their temporal masters in the hopes of tending to the spiritual needs of the people of the realms. Rather than being appointed to office by the political and military leaders of the land, the Vicars of the Holy Church are elected by the priests and churchmen holding office or fief in the Vicarage. The leaders of the Holy Church are thus, in theory and often in practice, beholden to their community, rather than the masters of the land. The Holy Church in Norlandia has also chosen a different text and version of the Words of the Saints and the Vision of the Holy Seer, which has contributed to further alienation from their brethren in Fenris. The symbol of the Holy Church is an ancient symbol from Hebriador: a golden disc upon which or within which are a pair of clasped hands.

The Silent Men

Tall-tales and rumours from Westchester-way bring word of a group of bounty hunters and mercenary spies called the Silent Men. They began operating in small parties, attacking and hunting down remnants of the Sky Tyrant military and secret agents. Within the last six years, they have begun to offer their services in pursuit of any law-breakers or villains. Stories say that their agents always do their best to keep their faces hidden, wearing masks or veils as need be. They are reputed to have mastered the mental arts of the Sky Tyrants themselves, and have the ability to pull shadows from the dark corners of rooms to hide themselves from the normal sight of men.


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