Leads and Hooks

Bluefalls: this small church town to the south on the frontier with the dragonborn clans of Desriador has been destroyed. The new cathedral that was being built has been burned and its walls cast down. The few survivors report shadowy figures skulking about after night in the ruins. Most attribute the destruction and sack of the town to the vicious dragonborn clans, and some are calling upon the Earl of Saxenford to lead an army against the clans of Desriador.

Slavers: the constant fear of slavers operating on behalf of the Wodden-hounds seems to be more fact based than it has been of late. Many farmsteads to the northwest have been raided. Of particular concern is that small children seem to be the choice prey of these attacks, as the adults and older children have been killed or left behind.

The dungeons of Ferule’s Ward: this old Cathmerean keep some miles south of the road to Grammercy has been lately explored and great treasures have been found. The ruins were long reputed to be a haven for goblins and other creatures of evil. Reports from the east tell that a small village is growing up along the road to support those who are delving into the treasures and mysteries found below the ancient ruined towers.

Saint’s feet: a mystic in Weschester has claimed a vision that the boots of Saint Simeon, the very ones he wore when he stood against the undead legions, were brought to Norlandia by a Cathmerean soldier who settled in the Oreblast Hills (between Weschester and Saxenford). There was once a shrine that was buried to protect it from the Sky Tyrants.

Beast: Travelers from beyond Benton to the south bring tales of a great beast that is preying upon small farms and travelers. The beast is likened to a great bull that comes upon the unwary, stamping them to the ground, and burning the flesh from their very bones. The Thane of Benton has posted a reward of 100 gold coins for any who can bring to him the head of this beast.

Elves: Whispered voices talk of the depraved and un-holy rites performed by the elves who have not left the “safety” of the Greenwood. Perhaps the Sky Tyrants were right to wage war against the uncivilized nomads who refuse to join civil society.

Bandits: Constant problems with bandits on the roads and on outlying farmsteads. Do they find market for their goods and prisoners in Dolorum, Grammercy or even worse? Why does the earl not take his army out after them? Is his son, Lokri, the bandit’s leader?
Thane Anders the Bastard of Fuilache reports that the bandits of the north are being gathered together under the leadership of someone called Oskar, or Bad Oskar. He wondered if the purple-eyed dwarf kidnapper was connected to this Oskar.

Settlers: Southerners are moving through Saxenford, seeking lands to settle. A large party of Fenrisian veterans and their women-folk are currently encamped outside Fuilache as their lord, the Viscount duBrevarray, negotiates with the Earl of Saxenford for a land grant.

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