The World as It is Known

Here follows a brief description of locations known to players. You will start in Saxenford.


A town of some 3500 souls, lying a days walk south of the Greenwood. Saxenford was long considered a border town between the Cathmerean successor state known now as the Chesters, and the Fey-touched Autumn Court that reigned in the Greenwood. Saxenford is now an independent city-state ruled by Earl Alther. Farming and trade are the lifeblood of Saxenford.

Saxenford Locales

The ruined remnants of the Githyanki sky-keep that fell upon the city of Sochester is now home to a growing population of dragonborn and their servants. Desriador is ruled by the Council of Seven, representing the seven major clans. While their own internal politics have begun to rival the need for survival in importance, there are those who fear what may emerge from here.

A town a little larger in population than Saxenford, Grammercy is ruled over by a Goliath giant-kin, named Count Federok, and a Dwarven Clan-lord called the Ironfist. This town has become a refuge for members of these two races primarily and is a safe-haven for those who survived the Giant-wars. Grammercy is a mining town, and is a trading outpost as well. There are strong ties between Grammercy and Saxenford.

A heavily fortified town to the west of Saxenford with a mixed population of about 4000 souls. The countryside is sparsely settled, although in olden times it was very populous. Weschester is ruled by Earl Urrin Kane, Captain of the Red Gartered Knights of Saint Victrix, and has become a military state. Weschester is now surrounded by a number of fortified towers that protect the farm land from the depredations of raiders from the Greenwood and from Perdiam. Under Earl Kane’s direction, new towers are constantly being built as the Writ of Weschester expands across the lands of the west. Weschester was once one of the four major cities of the old Norlandish Kings, and its folk still claim that the Ornaments of Rule are hidden in their land.

This small town sits in the hills overlooking the plains of the west. It is a ram-shackle town with walls of wood and mud, but has resisted attack and invasion successfully over the past decade. Dolorum was established by servants and serfs of the Sky Tyrants who fled the fall of their masters, coming together in the wild hill lands near the sea where they were able to build homes and defenses. Dolorum is governed by the Ring of Five, a shadowy group who maintain law in the town. Dolorum has acquired a reputation as a haven for bandits, pirates and others who skirt civilized laws; they find sanctuary here as long as they tithe the Ring of Five and follow the laws of the land. Dolorum is home to many bladelings and other folk from beyond the Veil, and is also gaining a reputation as a place for answers to questions best not asked.

Harm is a city that was built by the Sky Tyrants as a port for shipping the wealth of Norlandia south. It became a place where the Sky Tyrants chosen servants could play and where their armies could train. It is a city built of stone and brick, with towers rising high above workshops and piers. With the fall of the Sky Tyrants, the mercenary army sailed south towards Fenris, leaving the city to deal with an influx of refugees from the northern reaches who managed to flee ahead of the Giant invasions. One such refugee has become known as the King in Harm, Anders of Lludvale, who organized and led the refugees to take control of the city. King Anders now lays claim to the ancient Crown of Norlandia, based on his bloodline back to the kings of Hadarian. Harm now controls the nearby towns of Bellowgate and Tarport, receives tribute from Suffolk, and woos the powers north of Desriador. A state of war exists between Harm and the rival King in Arrayn.

The town of Suffolk is ancient, and sits near the Fallow Hills, from which tin and other metals are still mined. The people of Suffolk are quiet and private, having more or less survived the Sky Tyrants unchanged from ancient times, still holding to local tradition and local law and local Church. Dwarves and halflings and most other races are welcome in Suffolk with the exception of any Fey, whether elf or eladrin. The Fey races are distrusted and occasionally assaulted. The lands surrounding Suffolk are fertile, if wind swept, and have become home to many who have fled the north and oppose the rule of Harm. Suffolk is ruled by the Council of Elders, an elected body of 500 property owners who can trace their ancestry back to the days of Cathmere. The Council is led by three Triumvirs, elected from the Council of Elders to serve three years each.

The valley of the Rayn was re-settled at the command of the Sky Tyrants with exiles and displaced peoples from Fenris after the Conquest and the depredations of the Dragon Vilemaw. After the Fall, the local Governor held power for five years, dealing with goblin attacks and power struggles of all sorts, yet holding control over the Valley, the city of Arrayn and the towns of Wellridge and Haldor. Once peace had finally been won, and the brother Dukes Helden were placated, Governor Mervyn was assassinated in public as he led prayers of thanksgiving before the newly sanctified Cathedral of Saint Lavondyss. The Commander of his Guard, Volks of Berisfaille, seized power, executed the assassins, and named himself King of Arrayn, Lord Protector of the Church, and Friend of Fenris. With the support of the restored Crown of Fenris, King Volks has consolidated his power and rule, and has tested his strength against the Helden Dukes and the King in Harm. Arrayn is a rich farming region and an important trade power.

The Helden Dukes:
When the Sky Tyrants fell, the city of Portwick was seized by the local constabulary under the command of four brothers, Arn, Herrold, Geraint and Nathan Helden. The wealth of Portwick was used by the four brothers to buy the loyalty of local bladeling, dragonborn and dwarven mercenary forces in seizing control of the towns of the Wickanfold, and in holding it. In the wars that followed, the Helden Dukes gained a reputation for ruthlessness and heavy-handedness, that was a shade lighter than that of the Sky Tyrants. They were also fortunate in that the troubles of the Giant invasion never made it as far south as the Wickanfold, allowing them to consolidate their rule. Today each brother rules in his own seat: Arn at Wick in the north, Herrold at Shadowtree on the frontier with Arrayn, Geraint at the Cliffs on the south coast, and Nathan holding Portwick. Timber and farming are the mainstays of life in the Wickanfold, although rumour holds that piracy is rising as a popular war of life.

The Kantish Dukes:
The region ruled by the Kantish dukes is called thus due to the clannish nature of the population and the local dialect they speak. The towns of Bainsbury and Ains-on-Kurl were walled and fortified in the years after the Fall, establishing strong points around which the Kantish-folk could find protection. The city of Mayns was devestated at the time of the Fall by the dying wrath of the Dragon Rimebreath. Rebuilding and resettling commenced as soon as possible, as Mayns has an excellent natural harbour. Each of the seven clans is led by a Duke who commands them in defense and law, and they have been successful in defeating invaders from north and south over the past few years. Some amongst them argue that they need a King, but none has been able to convince the rest.

This town has a population of about 5000, mostly farmers and scholars. Essaint was one of the few places that the Sky Tyrants permitted the Church of the One God to maintain a Cathedral-School, and even then was garrison to Githyanki legion. After the Fall, the Githyanki commander took his forces north against the Giants and perished. The garrison he left behind deserted, leaving Essaint to fall under the rule of the Vicar of the Church. Essaint maintains good relations with all neighbours, and supplies priestly training and holy prayers for those who do not turn to the Church in Fenris. The current Vicar-General of Essaint, Marthus of Bodkinhill, is attempting to bring the powers of Norlandia together for a King-making and seeks unity for all folk of the land.

The Kingdom of Caville has been created out of the chaos and bloodshed that followed the Sky Tyrants fall as the Giants and their goblin allies washed down from the north, through the Castern Peaks and as the Hounds of Wodden landed upon the coast, raiding for the first time in nearly three centuries. These ancient foes of mankind, long held at bay by the Sky Tyrants, were unleashed in three great waves of violence that was only tempered by the fact they held the Giants and goblins in as much hatred as they did mankind. Altharn Caville was the leader and captain of a warband that at first defended his town, and then took on the task of driving the invaders out. He raised the banner of Varridayn and was hailed King by the swelling numbers who came to follow him. Accepting all into his host, Altharn the Bloody defeated the Wodden-Hounds and burned their fleet at the battle of Krainsbeach. His reign lasted another two years before a goblin spear took his life, but in that time he laid the foundations for his kingdom and dynasty to grow. His son, King Gryfalk Caville, is young but is recognized as a fair and just ruler, and as a capable general. While still wracked with war and raid, Caville is becoming a settled land and its towns are growing.

Everywhere throughout Kurrnland the magnificent ruins and monuments of Holtz-Kastern stand to remind the people of the glory they once knew, and of how far they were brought down by outsiders. Kurrnland was one of the few places where halfling populations in any great number found refuge, delving deep into the hills and secret places, hiding from the Dragons. This, of course, meant that the Dragons came to Kurrnland often, and stories say they are still to be found there. The Kurrnish are a clannish, tribal folk, and many had turned to a semi-nomadic life under the Sky Tyrants. A number of heroes arose after the Fall, who aided in freeing them from the Giant and goblin and Wodden-hound invaders. The Kurrnish as well defended their lands from refugees populations fleeing the north or west, something for which other civilized folk have not forgiven them. Kurrnland is still a wild and dangerous place, with only three towns growing up along the Lower Seete river: Seeton, Dolncaster, and Holtz.

The Hill Barons:
The four castle towns of Kazadur, Rosethorn, Valiant, and Giantskull serve as focal points for the most northern outpost of civilization still standing in Norlandia. The people of this region, whether human, dwarven, or Sky Tyrant slave, survived by banding together and making war upon the Giant invasion. Today, Kazadur is a dwarven outpost, Rosethorn is ruled by an Eladrin enchantress, Valiant a Kurrnlander barbarian, and Giantskull a Bladeling Warlord. For those who seek to test their mettle against Giant-kin or who seek to mine the gold and silver of the northern mountains, then these towns are the key destination. For others, there is really no reason to visit.

The Wodden Law:
These lands were once fertile and populous, even under the Sky Tyrants. The depredations of the Giants and their allies drove many away from their homes and many more were slain or devoured. Then the Wodden-hounds were driven across the Castern Peaks from Caville and Kurrnland, and these enemies of man, the drowners of kingdoms, fell upon the west and despoiled it. Today, none rule here save roaming bands of Wodden-hounds, their servants and allies, and enslaved populations.

Fenris is a great kingdom lying across the Ocean Deep to the south of Norlandia. The First Kingdom of Fenris was one of the greater successor states of the Empire of Cathmere. The ruling families and noble clans of Fenris either went into hiding or chose to serve the Sky Tyrants as loyal servants. With the Fall, Victor of Wolfheart, seized control of the heartlands and restored his ancient Throne. Fenris is the land where Wolf rules over Lion and Boar. The noble clans of ancient Fenris were said to take on the shape of wolf, lion or boar and to fight with the fury of these primal animals. Fenris has been instrumental in restoring the City of the Holy Seer, and in rebuilding and supporting the Church of the One God. In Fenris, truly, the civilization of old is said to be reborn.
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