Treasure and Loot

Hired by Hollistair, Factor of the King in Harm

So far, the party has been paid 25 gold coins. They have been promised another 25 gold for escorting the Factor and his party to Fuilache and for aiding in his negotiations. The Factor is now offering 50 gold each for the return of the missing children, and knowledge that agents acting in the name of His Grace, the King in Harm, have done such heroic actions. This money has now been paid. The Factor is still offering the 25 gold for escort to the timber camps north of Fuilache.

The Ant Hive

Sack with 45 gold coins and 20 silver coins of mixed provenance, many are oblongs of the Sky Tyrants, stamped over with the Axe of Saxenford. A few are newer coins, round, minted in Grammercy.
Also in the sack was a potion of healing.
50 Gold Cathemerean coins were found with magic gauntlets inside the ancient stone obelisk.
Inside the chest marked as property of Ulforrs Brighteyes was found 115 gold coins from Arrayn, 200 silver oblongs and a gem of colloquy.

The Broken Kings

In the campsite of the treasure seekers who deserted Eldon Adonair’s timber camp, the party has found a small treasure: 7 gold bars stamped with unknown runes and a snarling animalistic face, a silver torc, and a pair of silver runesticks in a large sack. In a small sack they found some polished stones, perhaps gemstones. They also discovered a +2 amulet of protection in the shape of a gold, timeworn face.
From the cave fishers, Tolan recovered enough of their sticky filaments to be braided into a 25’ rope, and possibly enchanted somehow.
From the grateful Lil’ Jo for rescuing him and taking him to the ancient sanctuary where the healing magic there worked upon his wounds, 175 gold coins and magical silk boots of stealth.
From the Xivort camp by the orange pool, 67 gold coins, 93 silver, and a moonstone gem.
From the corpses of the Xivorts: 17 small leather armor, 17 daggers, 24 iron darts, 4 nets suited to be thrown in combat with the right training, 14 short swords, and a wand implement carved out of bone and engraved with odd sigils.
From the stone house: 155 gold coins, 41 silver, 90 copper, 1 moonstone gem, a ritual book, a ritual scroll, and a translated scroll of ancient historical lore (The Beast Kings of Anurayk).

Treasure and Loot

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