The Fallen Skies

Camping at the Bonepile

Having returned to Saxenford for their rewards, and a surprise enobling, the heroes discovered the disappearance of Canon Camifray. What is even more dreadful is that the Instrumentality of the Night he had been studying has also disappeared. Further investigation revealed that Camifray was last seen in the company of a pair of Fenrisian knights who had sought his aid in investigating heresy amongst their brethren. Camifry, Canon Merton and Vicar Holder from Fuilache, were drafted into investigating the heresy amongst the Fenrisian settlers of Westmarch; all three were aware of the Instrumentality and the plots uncovered.
On the way to Westmarch, the heroes encountered yet another strange portal a-birthing to the Shadowfell. Though it was yet unformed, it solidified their unease at the fact that some strange Fey/Shadow war was being rekindled, and Cirindal seemed to be involved.
A brutal and nearly overwhelming hobgoblin ambush was defeated, but not before Tolan Medrash, the Knight Magus of Flaybridge, was felled with grievous wounds. Luckily, moments before death, Nivek the Dragonfist managed to force a healing draught down the plucky wizard’s throat staving off his one way trip to the Shadowed-land and beyond to the realms upon which the One God’s Eye has never fallen.
In Westmarch, the heroes were greeted and welcomed by Count Magnaur of the White Swan who offered them food and shelter and heard their tale. He, having but lately survived an assassin’s dagger, was able to share his own concerns about a Fenrisian former priest, Lars di Meravayn,who had taken some followers south to refuge in the Chertwall from whence they planned to turn to brigandage and slaughter. Count Magnaur proved to be a nobleman who was trying to create a safe haven for his exiled followers and had rejected Lars di Meravayn’s plots. There was some suspicion raised that di Meravayn was working with a certain violet eyed dwarf…
Count Magnaur gifted Xandfere, the Hidden-blade, with a powerful artifact which he believed to be the long-lost, and damned, Tooth of Fenris. It was this blade that the assassin had used against the Count and very nearly drained his life completely. With this dagger in hand, Count Magnaur was certain, and pleased, that the Knights of Flaybridge could bring di Meravayn and his followers to their rightful doom before any further innocents were hurt. Our heroes hope to find the missing churchmen in the Chertwall with di Meravayn’s traitorous knights.
On their way towards the Chertwall, our heroes turned aside to investigate an odd mound that rose out of the flat plain. The mound turned out to be a large pile of bones, near 40’ high, nestled amongst the ruins of a forgotten town. Here they encountered an old, old man who was engaged in carving the Names of the Dead onto granite stellae, and claimed that at night the shades came forth to whisper their secrets to him. He hinted at something powerful trying to cross over and our heroes decided, as it was late in the day, to camp with the old man, drink some tea, and see what would develop.



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