In the beginning, there was chaos and light unending. Primordial and elemental forces warred with the fabric of existence, playing, creating, destroying… The One God was birthed out of this Primordial Chaos, bringing the Order of Light and Darkness to the universe. The One God began to shape the world to His will, to His form. The Creator spawned lesser gods, angels, archons, exarchs and other beings to serve His will. He set the Orb of the World spinning in the Dark of the Void, lit by the Light of the Sun and Moons, and coveted by the Stars above. He bound the Elemental Chaos to support the World he’d made, and wrapped this creation within the Astral Sea to shine like an emerald within the bounds of Heaven. And He turned away.

The Primordials rebelled against the Order of the World. The Gods set their hands upon the world and fought each other. The Lesser Races were tools, puppets and soldiers in this Dawn War that near shattered the world. At last the One God turned back upon his creation, and wept. His tears fell through the Astral Seas, consuming Gods, Archons, Demons, Elementals, any that were in their path. His tears became the Shadowfell and the Feywild, touching upon the World but not quite of it. His tears bound the greatest of the Primordials to the Elemental Chaos, imprisoning these mighty forces where they could not harm his creation. And in His sadness, anger and despair, He turned away again.

Only through good deeds and lives lived well can we, the mortal races, appeal to the One God to turn back and look upon us again. In our struggle against evil, tyranny and madness can we call out to him, showing the goodness and joy in His creation. By shunning the Fallen Gods, the Devils and Demons of the False, by cleaving to the examples of the Sainted Ones, we will call on him to again favour the world with his smile and love. Once he turned back to a world in strife and war; only a world at peace will bring His face upon us again.

The Churches of the One God have an ancient history. When Cathmere ruled the world, all the faithful were united under the Holy Seer of Hebriador. After Cathmere fell, most great kingdoms and nations have had to find their own paths. The Sky Tyrants recognized the power and strength of the Church, and forbade the once great militant orders, but allowed the Vicarii of the Church to preach and teach the faithful. Today, the Fenrisian Church is particularly unified and active in sending out missionaries and preachers. The Noranglian Church is less unified, without any real hierarchy.

The One God is revered and worshipped throughout the civilized lands of the world, even in lands that never knew Cathmere’s rule. However, heresy does exist and there are many nations who have fallen under the sway of Fallen Gods or demonic forces.

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